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Beautiful Disaster

Beautiful Disaster

The Dumb One

I’m tired of the back and forth baby I’ma do right the next minute

But then you really don’t in the other

Is this really how you really want to treat your daughters mother

With this chick that chick and now another

Just be real, tell her the truth and don’t try to cover

The lies you tell you probably tell to some other

She’s tired of your spell

When will you tell

When will you realize what you had

When will you see the rivers of tears she’s cried when you mad her mad

When will you realize that you were bad

for her

You are like a curse

You always make her curse

Instead of making her better you make her worse

When you were dehydrated she quenched your thirst

When you were hungry she gave you last dollar from her purse. 

That’s how much she loved you but you fucked it up

You fuck up

Your mind must be fucked all the way up if you would cheat her

If would break her down

If you would lie to her

If you wouldn’t listen to a sound

That comes out of her mouth

You don’t care about your brain up North you only care about what’s down south

But I am done. HAHAHA

I can not make you the one

I am oh so done.

I refuse to be “the dumb one”

I don’t know you anymore. I don’t know if I even wanna know you anymore.